English language groups at english.forge

We teach classes with a maximum of 4 students.

Each class is formed from students who have attained a similar level.

We usually meet weekly.

Students are expected to do lesson preparation.

All classes offer a mixture of grammer, aural, verbal, comprehension, creative expression and interesting activies.

Classes at English Forge ..... select your class to log-in

Course Level Date Location Hours
Guillac A2 / B1
The Forge, Guillac Le mardi, 10h00
St. Maudé B1 / B2
St. Maudé  
Damien A2 / B1 Running Skype Le Dimanche, 10:00
Liv NOUVEL B1 / C2 Finished Skype Le vendredi, 16:00
Chloe BOUVET B1 / C2 Finished Skype  
Jessie COINTO B1 / C2
Michele B2 / C1 Running En presence Le Dimanche, 11:00
Lèna   Finished Skype

Le Lundi, 10:00

Le Jeudi, 10:00

Elliott Schaming B1/B2 Finished Chez EF Sejour
Louis B2 Finished Chez EF Sejour
Thomas Senecaille B2 Finished Chez EF Sejour
Gabriel Ferré B2 Finished Chez EF Sejour
Elouan Sfiligoi A2/B1 Finished Chez EF Sejour
Jeremy Mengus B1 Finished Chez EF Sejour
Romain Legault B1/2 Planned Chez EF Sejour
William BOUCHER A1/2 Finished Chez EF Sejour
Simon FAGUAIS   Finished Chez EF Sejour
Hugo COTTON B1 Finished Chez EF Sejour
Rozenn CHARRIER B1/B2 Running Skype Mercredi, 14h00
Eva DOMEL C2/B1 Finished En presence Samedi, 10:00
Didier CHARBONNEL   Finished Guillac Adult, professional
Hugues.P B2/C1 Finished Guillac Sejour
Raphael   Finished Guillac Sejour
Elouan   Finished Guillac Sejour
Mathias.T   Finished Guillac Sejour
Victor   Termine Guillac Sejour
Gaspard Magda   Running Skype Mon, Wed, Fri
Victor NAUX   Running Skype Wed, 15:00
Charlaine Baraut   Running Skype Thur, 18:00
Pierre Baraut   Running Skype Thur, 19:00
Pierre-Louis POULLIER   En Cours Guillac Sejour