English language groups at english.forge

We teach classes with a maximum of 4 students.

Each class is formed from students who have attained a similar level.

We usually meet weekly.

Students are expected to do lesson preparation.

All classes offer a mixture of grammer, aural, verbal, comprehension, creative expression and interesting activies.

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Course Level Date Location Heurs
Guillac A2 / B1
En cours
The Forge, Guillac Le mardi, 10h00
St. Maude B1 / B2
En cours
St. Maudé  
Damien A2 / B1 En cours Skype Le Dimanche, 10:00
Liv NOUVEL B1 / C2 En cours Skype Le vendredi, 16:00
Chloe BOUVET B1 / C2 Finished Skype  
Jessie COINTO B1 / C2
Michele B2 / C1 En cours En presence Le Dimanche, 11:00
Lèna   En cours Skype

Le Lundi, 10:00

Le Jeudi; 10:00

Elliott Schaming B1/B2 Finised Chez EF Sejour
Louis   Finised Chez EF Sejour
Thomas Senecaille   Finised Chez EF Sejour
Gabriel Ferré B2 Finished Chez EF Sejour
Elouan Sfiligoi A2/B1 Finished Chez EF Sejour
Jeremy Mengus A2 En cours Chez EF Sejour