Learn english with english.forge

As individual and groups

At home or in class

Designed for francophiles

Located in the centre of Brittany, France

Why choose english.forge?

At english.forge we believe:

Teach comprehensively: Grammar, Aural, Verbal

Teach understanding: "What" is good," why" is better!

Teach how to think english: True mastery!

Learn with us and become a fluent master

CELTA qualified teaching

CELTA is a certification by Cambridge Universtiy for teaching english language to non-native speakers.

We teach levels A1 through C1

For all ages

We teach adolescents and adults

Cambridge English foundation

Based around Cambridge English curiculum and references and study books

Ideal for studetns aiming for a Cambridge diploma

Structured and Personalised

Structured around Cambridge English

Personalised to match your needs

Activity Enhanced

We don't just teach theory - we have fun

Online resources, videos, books, games & activities . . . and lots more to make learning fast and fun

Immersion Learning

Immersion courses in the centre of Brittany

Vacation weeks and short week-ends

In partnership with

Home tuition

Tuition for adolescents (13+) needing help at school

Tuition for adults and business english

Your home or ours

Remote learning

Video lessons on-line

Individual or group learning

On-line study

On-line study guides

Packed with resources for self-guided study